Success story: How SmartNews ads drive crucial KPIs for Aqua Vida Media

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“SmartNews far exceeded our expectations”
-Vijay Friedman, CEO at Aqua Vida Media

Powerful Partnerships
Aqua Vida Media was founded in 2018 with a clear mission—to revolutionize media buying for the insurance, financial services, and home services sectors. With a seasoned team boasting decades of experience in performance marketing, Aqua Vida is a leader in their industry.

According to comScore, the SmartNews app has the highest engagement of any news app in the U.S.—our users spend an average of 23 minutes per day in our app. It’s not just a casual browse; our users are meaningfully engaged with news content and ads on our platform.

In 2023, SmartNews and Aqua Vida joined forces to create high-performing campaigns. Since then, Aqua Vida has leveraged our ads solutions to take their clients’ campaigns to the next level.

We sat down with the Aqua Vida CEO, Vijay Froedman, to discuss how SmartNews ads are the secret to meeting KPIs and generating quality leads for their clients.

Making an Impact
Campaign Goal: Lead Generation
Ads Solutions: Native & Premium Native

Aqua Vida leveraged our uniquely engaged and affluent audience to generate leads for their clients within the financial services marketplace.

With SmartNews native and premium native ads solutions, Aqua Vida has been able to target a national audience and generate leads for their clients within their cost-per-acquisition goals.


“Not only have we been able to hit crucial KPIs, but the traffic
quality from SmartNews far exceeded our expectations—as well as
those of our clients. We look forward to the continued partnership
and growth from this platform.”
-Vijay Friedman, CEO at Aqua Vida Media


Rewarding Results
Aqua Vida and their account team at SmartNews have partnered to create and optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis, consistently driving positive returns on investment for Aqua Vida lead generation clients.

See how your brand can succeed with SmartNews.