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Delivering diverse, balanced information – from hard news to lifestyle contents to utilities to millions of quality users in the U.S.


Delivering quality information to the people who need it.

SmartNews ads blend seamlessly into the information users depend on to keep them up to date, broaden their perspective and help them make informed decisions. We provide a new kind of brand experience that enables users to discover products and services in an authentic and organic way that increases awareness and conversions for our advertisers.

How we accomplish it

By combining the power of human curation with world-class algorithms to deliver the stories that matter most to each individual user.

Why SmartNews?

SmartNews has the highest engagement
of any news app in the U.S.

News app users are stickier than users of other apps,
with higher active days per user on average.

SmartNews leads the industry in engagement,
with average users spending 24 minutes per day on the app*.

*Source: Comscore data, January 2022

Our users have higher educational attainment,
earning potential, and news consumption

Compared to the general population, the average
SmartNews user has a higher degree of education
and a higher annual household income*.

*Source: Education Attainment: US Census Bureau + Comscore Plan Metrix, June 2022

We are trusted by both users and brands

SmartNews is perceived as the least biased app on the market due to
our features and our commitment to coverage from all perspectives.
In addition to over 3,000 trustworthy sources delivering balanced information,
our rigorous third-party verification ensures your brand safety is secured.

The SmartNews audience is geographically diverse

Smartnews users geographically mirror the U.S. population,
providing a valuable platform to reach a vast and well-rounded
audience base
and gain valuable insights.

Supporting news supports local journalism

The SmartNews mission is to deliver
quality information to people who need it.
By creating a healthy news environment
local citizens can stay more accurately
informed, hold power to account,
and start fact-driven conversations.

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